Custom Programmes

Customised Integrated Solutions

Formación a medida

Custom Programmes CEU IAM Business School projects are made-to-measure to meet the needs of our clients with the aim of providing information and training on the latest trends in management that are adapted to the international and digital context from the point of view of ethical leadership in accordance with our values.

The design for our Custom Programmes allow professionals to adapt executive training to employment needs and on occasions without the need to leave the work context with in company projects or with a blended methodology.

CEU IAM Business School experience in the field of executive training is extensive and is supported by the biggest education group in Spain - CEU.

The development of Custom Programmes

Desarrollo Formación in Company

1. Study of Strategic Needs

2. Co-creation and Design

3. Teaching

4. Assessment


Formatos Custom Programmes

Each Project meets each client exact need. Formative Projects, can be made in different formats and locations:

  • client's.
  • CEU IAM Business School.
  • blended.
  • e-learning.

CEU Qualifications

Titulación CEU

All Custom Programmes taught at the CEU IAM Business School lead to a certificate of attendance and participation along with the accrediting Diploma issued by the business school belonging to CEU Group: CEU IAM Business School.



Mar Garre del Olmo, Línea Directa

Miguel del Cerro, NIMGenetics

Luis Manuel González, ROCHE

Luis Manuel González, Director de Recursos Humanos:

Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestro proyecto formativo: Deja tu huella. Son 6 edciones, donde CEU IAM Business School es el mejor compañero de viaje que podemos tener.

Miriam Sánchez, Gestamp

Miriam Sánchez, Learning & Development Specialist de Gestamp:
"La Formación recibida por parte de CEU IAM Business School en Lean Change Management es un buen punto de partida para comenzar a gestionar tu proyecto de cambio."

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