Your chance to transform our world


Máster Internacional en Management (MiM)

Un programa adaptado a las necesidades y realidades de las empresas en el actual entorno digital y global.

Master´s Degree in Urban Planning and Development

The MUOT is one of the best master's degrees in the field. Conceived as the ´MBA for the city`.

Master´s Degree in the Automotive Industry Businesses

The master's degree for the main automotive companies.

Executive Master's Degree in Corporate Taxation

The aim of our Master’s programme is to help anyone involved in business taxation to tackle all these challenges with as many tools and as much knowledge as possible.

Executive Master’s Degree in Finance

Boost your career. The financial sector is full of stimulating job opportunities. Moreover, both large and small companies need and seek managers with a solid financial background.

Executive Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy

Technical-tax knowledge, however good it may be, is not enough to be an excellent tax consultant. The market demands that young professionals who start their careers in the field of tax consultancy, either within the company or externally.