Executive Summer School

Intensive workshops and focused programmes based on the Learning by Doing methodology of the CEU IAM.

Executive Summer School

The summer period is an excellent time to continue completing stages of a professional's training programme. Therefore, during the month of July, CEU IAM Business School offers the possibility of attending focused programmes and workshops in an intensive afternoon schedule from Monday to Thursday, within its Executive Summer School.

During first two weeks of July, professionals from different companies and sectors, as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers, will attend these intensive programmes and workshops, given by the teaching staff of CEU IAM Business School, on topics such as finance, customer experience, digital transformation and innovation, as well as various workshops on professional skills and abilities (change management and digital transformation, fast and highly effective meetings, performance assessment, etc.).

The programmes, based on the Learning by Doing methodology of the CEU IAM, combine academic sessions, case studies, teamwork and practical workshops to obtain optimum results in each of the training courses.

In addition to the training purpose, the programmes are an ideal way to strengthen networking among participants, since the intensity of the courses, at times of reduced professional activity, encourages contact with other students in a relaxed atmosphere.

Programme Focused on Digital Transformation

The Programme Focused on Digital Transformation is an intensive programme that allows professionals and entrepreneurs to improve their knowledge of the main tools that help to accelerate business in a digital context.

Programme Focused on Customer Experience

Nowadays, successful companies have one thing in common: their way of innovating in customer experience.

Programme Focused on Finance for Decision-Making

Any apparently non-financial business decision produces financial results in the short or long term.

Design Thinking Workshop

This is a workshop to stimulate creativity, to understand the importance of innovation and to be able to draw conclusions that are not theoretical, but 100% practical and applicable to our daily lives.

Programme Focused on Human Resources Management 2.0

2.0 organizations are organizations characterized by their ability to adapt to a new environ-ment.