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Advanced Programmes

ICA International Compliance Association

ICA International Compliance Association is the leading professional certifier in money laundering, governance, risk and compliance and financial crime prevention.

Focused Program in The New Framework of Investor Protection: MIFID II & PRIIPS

All the up-to-date information about the application of the new regulatory framework on markets and financial instruments, based on the directive MiFID II and regulation MiFIR.

Focused Programme in New Law on Public Sector Contracts

Discover the new rules for hiring with the administration.

Focused Program in Analysis and Valuation of Real Estate Assets

Practise the main methods of analysis and valuation of real estate investments.

Focused Program in Legal and Fiscal Aspects of M&A Procedures

Maximise your professional development with this multi-disciplinary program.

Focused Programme in Financial Modelling

In the financial field, powerful models have been designed and built using a variety of methodologies and effective spreadsheet management.