Master´s Degree in Human Resources, the Management of Talent and Leadership

Innovation, new technologies and talent management


4 march 2019


600 hours




Master´s Degree in Human Resources, the Management of Talent and Leadership

Online Methodology

The most advanced e-Learning methodology that makes it possible to make academic excellence compatible with personal and professional obligations.

Never alone

E-Learning training based on the permanent accompaniment of students. Our team of pedagogical instructors will actively and reactively help participants achieve academic success.

Direct contact with teachers and students

Live online classes: ask questions and receive answers. All sessions are saved for later viewing. On the platform, the student has different tools to communicate with his or her colleagues or carry out teamwork.

Self-assessment activities and systems

The methodology includes self-assessment activities and systems so that participants can know their level of progress in their studies and the degree of knowledge achieved at all times.

Always accessible, from anywhere

Classes and all multimedia content accessible 24 hours a day, from anywhere.

Weekly programming

The entire curriculum is broken down into weeks. Every week, students have all the information they need to advance in their programme: calendar, classes, content, activities, announcements, etc.

At the forefront of virtualization

Virtualized content under a teaching model adapted to each programme. It is carried out by an interdisciplinary and technical team that includes teachers, pedagogues, instructional designers and programmers.
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