Say it with a video!

Say it with a video!

Monday, 6 november 2017 | Redacción CEU

Videos are consolidated as the content with the greatest impact on the Internet. Smartphones  and social networks have favored that the moving images become the digital world king. In an era where we have no time to lose and immediacy pressures, what is consumed under this audiovisual format has a great viral potential. Video marketing promises to be the main star of marketing online in 2018. Forecasts estimate that next year 84% of Internet traffic will be made through videos. You cannot turn a blind eye to this evidence! Producing your own audiovisual material can make you succeed. Turn on your camera and press the REC button!


When you hear the sound of the subway arriving, do you go down the stairs two by two? Do you prefer to order a coffee to take away rather than sitting down for breakfast? In order to avoid going around and getting lost in the city, are you willing to stop a taxi? So, videos are your ideal means. They do not take much of your time, its consumption is easy and they are also trendy. Like you, most of Internet users choose this format. At least, that is what all the statistics show. Society requires speed and immediacy. In this context of digital transformation, videos become the perfect formula to satisfy these demands. But, the more the masses become used to the audiovisual content, the more demanding they become. How to stand out when the audience always wants more?

Everybody wants videos!

The profile of potential clients has changed a lot in the past years. People have abandoned traditional media, such as television, to get involved in the use of new technological devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. The relationship that is now established with the environment is complex. While technology favors social isolation, the consumer's capacity for interaction and connection has never been so high. The digitized citizens have become lazy, have a high intolerance to boredom, resist to old marketing formulas and demand optimal results in a very short time. Brands have to sharpen their wits and multiply the effort in order to conquer them.

The marketers believe that videos are now the ideal tools to develop an effective digital marketing strategy. Not surprisingly because, as it is indicated in the blog 40 de Fiebre, video marketing brings great advantages: numbers play in its favor, its products are easy to share and consume, increases conversion rates, contributes to engagement, boosts SEO, moves television to the background, can be cheap and users prefer it. Videos are the exemplary format to reach the audience in a simple, attractive and effective way. Most of the companies have become aware and are investing time and money in producing new audiovisual content. But masses not only demand quantity, they also want quality. What are the keys to stand out in video marketing?

First impressions matter

The first seconds are decisive. Most people will stop watching a video, if it fails capturing their attention. According to a study conducted by Visible Measure, 20% of users will stop watching the video in 10 seconds. A third part, in 30 seconds. Creativity and ingenuity are very effective resources to connect with the masses. The competition and the demand level from the masses is also high. It is not always necessary to make a high production expense to conquer the audience. A good idea can make up for a tight budget.

Say it with a video!

Other channels, more options

One of the keys that allow to venture that videos will continue monopolizing the stardom in the digital world is that they are revealed as the favorite format to generate content on social networks by users. Its engagement is greater than the one that can generate other contents like photographies, infographics, news or articles. Videos not only triumph on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If they can help you to position and increase traffic, why only using one channel and forget about the rest? Whatsapp, blogs, email marketing,... Exploring new channels and formulas increases the chances of success.

The good, if brief, then is twice as good

It is a trend that masses increasingly demand greater speed and immediacy, although they are not in a hurry. The time that they increasingly use their mobile phones to surf on the network is another. Getting to know the audience is a priority; what they like, how they behave, what they needs,... Overall, users prefer short videos and watch them through their mobile phones. However, the target of a campaign may demand content with a greater depth than the regular ones. A more intelligent development does not mean that the content has to be more boring. Each video should focus on a specific issue and not try to cover too much. If the topic is very dense, you can opt for videos that summarize, divided into parts or supported with graphics.

Selling only what is needed

An excessive self-promotion of the brand can generate rejection. Audience knows well the traditional advertising and now demands that ads offers an added value; whether provoke them feelings, make them have fun, offer advice or teach something. Masses are what matters. The message must be clear and the video has to make a call to action.

Be up to date!

There are less than two months to start the year 2018 and video marketing is already emerging as one of the major trends of the year. Marketing professionals work on new strategies and formulas to conquer masses through audiovisual content. Some of the new proposals include the development of interactive videos, live video transmissions, 360º videos, virtual reality or video mapping. All these new alternatives have something in common. Users are becoming more active. The great challenge is to make the public not only watch, but participate.

Carrying out a video marketing campaign requires planning, work and effort. The figures do not mislead, you already know the secret. Are you ready to put it into practice? Say it with a video!

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