Subsidies and Grants

Nothing can stop you

Your training is a major investment in time and money, so we believe it is essential for you to make sure the financial side is resolved before you start the course.

The CEU Institute for Advanced Management offers grants, subsidies and discounts so that our students can pay the registration fees and, if the programme requires it, also pay for travel, accommodation and subsistence.

We recommend you to investigate and review all options before submitting a request for information. You can get direct information about our grants, subsidies and discounts by calling us on +34 91 514 04 45.

We also recommend you to investigate external funding alternatives and opportunities. Some banks offer study loans on advantageous terms for business school students.

At the CEU Group we are committed to society and believe in the need to enhance talent. This commitment has led us to create a "Grants and Subsidies Programme that has made us the private institution that invests most for this purpose in our country.

When it comes to choosing executive training, it is worth asking yourself the following question: Do I have the job I want? There are three possible answers to this question: yes, no or I don’t know. If the answer is yes, the next question you could ask yourself would be: Do I need to update my knowledge to continue progressing professionally or to start my own business? This question would lead us to consider the need for further training.

If the answer to the first question was no, executive training can be a way to access the sector or the position you hope to achieve. It could also be the basis on which to start your own business.

If you have any doubts about the answer, it is worthwhile to reflect on your situation and the alternatives you are considering. In these situations, one way to clear up unknowns is to consider training as a way to help you make a decision with some additional guarantee about where you want to work in the future.

We are committed to training because it's been part of our DNA for a long time. Studying at the CEU means studying in the largest educational group in Spain, with more than 80 years of history and 25 centres spread throughout Spain. The executive training of the group is carried out through the CEU Institute for Advanced Management, whose cornerstone is ethical leadership, within the values of an institution that promotes an educational approach based on the values of Christian humanism.

All our grants and financial aids are subject to change without prior notice from the CEU Institute for Advanced Management, so if you are considering taking a training course with us it is important to keep informed. Call us with no obligation and we will be happy to help you.

For the three situations described above, opting for an executive programme, an MBA or a Master’s Course can help you achieve the professional development you seek. That is why at the CEU Institute for Advanced Management we realize that economic reasons should not be a barrier to all those who aspire to change or improve their professional future.