Talent is sought, not found

Talent is sought, not found

Friday, 8 september 2017 | Redacción CEU

The old Human Resources techniques that expected to find a good candidate among thousands of curriculums for a particular job offer are gone. The Inbound Recruitment arrival promises major changes in the selection processes. The applicants are no longer passive subjects, now they are more demanding and selective. Companies do not sit still. Their new goal is attracting, convincing, motivating and conquering the best professionals. Talent is not found by the recruiters without further ado, they have to go out looking for it.


Do you have a friend who does not stop talking about how good he feels in his company? And about how many opportunities and facilities does the firm offer? Or the paellas that they prepare on Thursdays and the cinema tickets that they gave him last week for free? Surely, your friend works in a company that cares and develops an Inbound Recruitment strategy. In fact, he himself can become your future sponsor for a vacancy in his company, this is called as referral recruitment. Human Resources has adapted to the new times, they no longer use the old formulas in the staff selection. If the recruiters want to attract and retain the best talent, they need to make them fall in love.

New professionals are characterized by an ambitious spirit and a high demand level. The digital world is their mean, they move in it like a fish in the sea and are accustomed to obtain immediate good results. On the other hand, they are not afraid of change. Temporality has made them insensitive to what other generations looked at with panic, looking for a new job. In this volatile environment, the best candidates end up deciding in which company they want to work and not the other way around. Companies have realized that they do not have to wait for gifted workers knock on their door. If they want to work with them, they have not only to go out and look for them, professionals must want to become part of their brand or they will fast fly away to some competitor arms.

From the offer publication to the labor marketing

Although it is an important point when looking for or trying to change the job, applicants focus on other issues apart from the salary that they will earn by performing a certain position. Increasingly, factors like motivation, worker experience, company values or fellowship weigh in their decision. It is very difficult to find new talent, if the recruitment is only limited to a mere job offers publication. In order to attract the best, it is essential to adopt an active disposition, such as Inbound Recruiting, a groundbreaking methodology that it is now being adopted by Human Resources departments to captivate candidates and help recruiters.

In the same way that marketers have adopted Inboud Marketing to improve their client acquisition, the Human Resources professionals have found in Inbound Recruiting a good recipe to bring talent to their company doors. The goal is that working in this type of company becomes an attainable desire that seduces the potential candidate in a natural and not forced way. It is necessary to carry out a good employer branding so the potential employees have a good opinion about the firm and want to be part of it. The image transmitted by the employees, the brand and all the professionals related to it should be very positive.

There are may ways to get the potential ideal employees attention. They can use from a complete SEO strategy to conduct conferences and meetings or launch a corporate blog. Companies must combine different channels and platforms with new ideas and an innovative spirit. Social networks play an important role in these talent-seeking techniques. Applicants must have an open communication channel with the company so that they can at any time make contact directly with the company, whether they are the networks themselves or an interesting and attractive job webpage.

Talent is sought, not found

How to find talent with Inbound Recruiting

This methodology requires a defined strategy prolonged in time. Seeking talent is harder than it seems at first glance. Like the Co-Director of the Executive Master in Human Resources, Talent Management and Leadership of the Institute for Advanced Management CEU, Rafael Sancho Zamora,  claims: <<Any tool that contributes to the development and management of talent should be considered positive>>. But, what guidelines to follow in order to work out a good Inbound Recruiting strategy?

What talent do we seek? Where is it? And how to attract it?

It is critical determining which target audience the company wants to hire and working according to it. For example, a good way to achieve that the company becomes well-known is generating interesting content for this kind of candidates or organizing meetings with other professionals about topics related to the company that can be attractive to them.

Drawing up a consistent, constant and complete strategy

The strategy is done through different channels. It has to be logical, unified and performed according to a previous studied scenario to be successful. The results are not obtained immediately, they require time. Objectives should be limited, acceptable and measurable.

A unique and shared message that inspires the company

As a brand with their customers, the message between a company and their employees has to be powerful and attractive. In this way, it will not only enhance the company corporate spirit, but will also give it charisma and strength and generate trust among potential candidates.

¿And the results?

Reporting and reviewing statistics is useful to get to know what results are being obtained and how recruitment can be improved and optimized. A strategy without analysis is not a good strategy.

It should never be overlooked that Inbound Recruiting does not work if the finally hired candidate, does not have a good experience in the company. Like the American essayist, Elbert Hubbard, said:

<<There is something much more scarce, something finer far and something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability >>

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