The conquest of your inbox

The conquest of your inbox

Friday, 6 october 2017 | Redacción CEU

How to reach potential consumers effectively? That is the question that overflies the head of specialists in Digital Marketing. These professionals want to reach the right customer, at the right time, but the push of advertising in social media has provided the online scenario with even more complexity. Connecting with a specific audience in an organic way is increasingly difficult. Day by day, the formulas and designs become more ingenious and innovative but, email marketing is still one of the favorite tools of marketers, to the surprise of some.


What do you see when you open your email account? Apart from finding tens of pending business issues, it is likely that you receive some subscriptions, event invitations, clothing brand promotions, the latest premiers of your cinema, requests from people who want to contact you, satisfaction surveys, information about flights with tempting prices, announcements about new products or some newness about the platforms services that you use. From the most traditional institutions to the most modern brands, all struggle to reach your inbox. Do these emails get your attention or do you end up marking them as spam?

Although it is a mean with a long trajectory, the email delivery is one of the tools that is mostly used in the digital marketing daily practice. An expiration date has been set to email marketing, given up for dead and identified as obsolete, still, not only remains like a widespread digital advertising tactic, the figures indicate that it is one of the strategies with the highest ROI, specifically, a 4.300% of return, as indicated by 40 de Fiebre Blog. What is its success key?

Getting to know your peculiarities

Personalization is the word that is trendy on marketing. Advertisers want to know how you are and what you like to reach you better. The companies try to make you feel special, to turn you into their customer, and satisfy your particular needs, to strengthen the bond that unites both. They know that in this digital culture users are bombarded by hundreds of messages through many ways, and that connecting with you is increasingly difficult. Only the advertisers who really know you, will know how to reach you.

A prominent number of professionals point out that email marketing will be precisely the great beneficiary of the new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence. This is the opinion of 87% of the 1028 professionals interviewed by Salesforce. Thanks to AI, the messages will be more appropriate and specific. According to this survey, it will also have a strong impact on customer assistance services, that can also be done through this mean.

Email marketing is a tool that has been able to quantify its profitability properly. When the mail is addressed to the right audience and the message is adapted to their peculiarities, this strategy can become very powerful: improves the customer service, attracts new users, increases the trust level and brings users closer. All this thanks to a very low investment; the cost is below that the one required by other types of digital techniques. Why is it then that a few years ago the specialists predicted its disappearance?

The conquest of your inbox

Not only reaching, but conquering

The future of email marketing has been questioned for years –and is still in doubt–. The arrival of new ingenious and disruptive strategies are, for many people, a vehement indicative of its near extinction. However, this traditional tool survives, at the moment, and adapts to this changing environment. The companies need to have a secure return of investment –social networks cannot offer it yet– and this is an ideal tool to avoid the adblockers threat. In addition, it is the favorite channel for the consumers to receive communication from the brands.

But reaching the consumer is becoming more difficult, competition increases and the environment  where the marketing professionals work is increasingly complex. Younger generations pose new  challenges and the digital world volatility is a defiance for these techniques that are more traditional. Mass mailing to the right audience, either for informational or commercial purposes, is not enough to achieve success, advertisers have to conquer and capture the attention. How to do it? Here are the keys:

  • Requesting permission for not exhausting

In most of the cases, the recipients are the ones who choose to receive specific company emails. This consumer decisions anticipate a greater predisposition to get and integrate the message that  can be sent to them. When the receivers have not authorized the delivery, it is easier to exhaust them or that they have a negative reaction. In order not to have a rejection effect, it is essential to get to know the users profiles and adapt the message to them.

  • Establishing specific goals

Not only the number of addresses or the dispatched email amount matters. The more information about our audience and behavior –clicks, types of users' devices, unread emails, reading time, forwarding, impressions and bounces–, the easier it will be to set achievable goals and fulfill good results.

  • Addressees' list grows

Its growth must adapt to the established strategy. However, over time, users who subscribe to electronic newsletters should increase. To expand the customer base, we must identify whom and where we can bring value.

  • Customizing cold emails

The unsolicited emailing –cold email– can become spam, if it is not done properly. The message should fit the profile of the masses, the more personal it is, the less likely it will be rejected or deleted. To write this type of emails it is advisable: choosing a striking header, presenting yourself as a private individual –not as a company–, easily identifying the sender of the message, not to stunning the addressee with too much information, inviting to response and facilitating the communication.

  • Avoiding "email fatigue"

Overexposure to emails tires the customer out. If the sending frequency is high, the customer will be quickly exhausted and could stop reading the messages, even mark the issuer as spam. If the frequency is low, the message can get lost in the crowd. Email marketing requires study and balance.

  • Taking care of the message

Establishing contact with the clients is important, but in order to reach them and not to become an invader, it is necessary to build an intimate and personal connection; know who we are addressing and what our addressee can gain from this interaction.

Maybe next time you open your mail, you will not find promotions, statements, announcements or surveys; but opportunities knowledge, enthusiasm or help. Maybe you will not get emails in your inbox, but possibilities. You have a new email!


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