What will marketers talk about this year 2018?

What will marketers talk about this year 2018?

Thursday, 21 december 2017 | Redacción CEU

There are only a few days left to go into a new year. It is the golden period of predictions.  Media take advantage of the situation to talk about what will be the next year's trend. The professionals of the sector, to establish budgets, define strategies and check if they are progressing at the same pace and in the same path as their competitors. In a sector like Digital Marketing that moves so fast and abruptly, it is very difficult to predict what the next successful strategy will be. Researching about the latest market developments can also help to figure out where the following momentous changes can take place. At this turning point marked by Digital Transformation, things can change overnight. Being up to date is key to not being left behind in the race towards the consumer conquest. What trends will set the next year’s agenda?


Like William Shakespeare would say: <<the past is a prologue>>. What has happened throughout 2017 is only a prelude to what awaits tomorrow. Among other things, those who work in Digital Marketing have realized this year that the content creation is key to attract the attention of their customers, that videos are the kings of content, that consumers do not like invasive advertising, that emotions are a powerful tool to generate interest, that users need to be able to access everything through their cellphones or that social networks are vital to reach the audience but, in turn, that it is increasingly difficult to get engagement without paying. How to transform everything that they have learned?

New conversation topics

As it is usual on these dates, media and agencies remove the dust from the crystal ball and make all kind of predictions. Thank to these, we can reflect on what is most interesting in the sector at the moment and what areas marketing professionals are planning to work in.

The careful use of Big Data

Data is valuable to the extent of how it is used. Big Data is one of the great standards of Digital Transformation and will continue to have a very important role in the marketing future. But marketers have realized that if the treatment and analysis of these data are not suitable, this potential tool loses its strength. Business Intelligence tries to shape and turn into knowledge the amount of unstructured data obtained from different sources. The use of this strategy will be key to take business decisions and its investment will grow a lot during the next few years. In particular, it is estimated that the global Bussiness Intellingence market will reach 26.50 billion dollars in 2021.

Cellphones, the epicenter of everything

Smartphones have transformed the daily routine of the population. Cellphones are already used to perform many tasks, but these devices promise to monopolize more and more features and become an indispensable tool to face the day-to-day of any person. Therefore, it is not only important to facilitate the webpage access from mobile phones, like it has been done up to now, but it is also essential to design new strategies focused on the importance of cellphones in the lives of their users, for example, focused on taking advance of "micro-moments" –those brief periods of time where users spontaneously use their smartphones to consult a doubt, search for information, answer a question, take an action or make a purchase– for influencing in the consumer decision-making at the point of sale.

What will marketers talk about this year 2018?

The content is the king when it has quality

It is not enough to fill in articles without saying anything, to tell things without transmitting, publish frequently if you do not have anything important to say or, in short, want to achieve excellent results without taking care of the content. Companies that have tried to generate traffic with the mere content creation have not obtained the desired results. The content quality is vital to attract the interest of the consumers. Brands have realized that they need to offer pieces that are relevant to the audience, that are in line with brands and that are attractive, in order to avoid information overload. Advertising can even be reformulated in order to be valuable to users like is evidenced by the rise of native advertising.

Telling with videos but with new ideas

According to the report of the consultancy Cisco, in the year 2021, the 82% of Internet traffic will have an audiovisual format. Video marketing is emerging as one of the great strategies of this 2018. Marketing professionals know the power of the image in motion in their campaigns and they are now working on the design of other formulas to conquer masses through videos. Among some of the new proposals there are interactive videos, streaming live videos, long animations, 360º videos, ephemeral videos, virtual reality or video mapping. Marketers want users to be more active than before, that the narrative of their stories acquires a greater weight and that the creativity plays an important role.

The personalized communication challenge

Customers want that the companies and organizations that they interact with, speak their own language and that this relationship between them is direct, simple and personalized. Reaching each user in a different and particular way is an ambitious goal for brands. Brands are trying to achieve it through the design of chatbots, the attention via instant messaging or the creation of new marketing automation strategies. Adapting the message to the multitude of different audiences requires an inordinate effort, the development of Artificial Intelligence will be crucial in the progress of this enormous project.

The growth hacking's welcome

This will be a term increasingly present in the reality of the Spanish digital marketing. In other countries like the US, this discipline has already become a booming profession. Growth hacking is a practice that consists in trying to reach, with the minimum expense and possible effort, a tangible and quick increase in the users number, impacts, registrations or incomes of brands. This new modality is largely based on trial and error to speed up times, creativity to surprise the audience and analysis from different perspectives to develop new techniques.

Brands, agencies and marketers are once again on the starting line in the race towards the consumer conquest. Their conversation topics could be new but, will they be able to apply everything that they have learned in 2017?

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